A real estate agent’s greatest enemy is time. Time is cost versus opportunity. We can choose to spend time on business we already “have,” or we can spend it trying to find more business. Many real estate agents do their best to “get the listing,” then spend woefully little time and money on actually marketing the property. Most agents are even told by their broker, manager or trainer that their time and money is best spent generating new business.

I would like to challenge the idea that spending time and money actually marketing properties takes time away from generating new business. I have found that instead of prospecting for new business by advertising, cold-calling, open houses and mailings, my current clients are likely to endorse my efforts and refer me to someone they know when I do a great job for them. I spend more time and money marketing their property resulting in a quicker sale at a higher price, and I generate more business from their referrals. It’s truly a “win-win.” My clients feel better about their investment in my services and I feel confident in earning their referrals.